Monday, June 21, 2021

Remembering Grandpa Leroy

 My Grandpa passed away recently. In the pictures that were shared during his memorial and viewing was a picture of my Grandpa with one of his teenage best friends standing in front of an old truck. I immediately thought of a letter Grandma had written to me on his behalf a few years ago talking about Grandpa's first truck. Sure enough this truck he was standing in front of was the very same she had written to me about. 

Grandpa is on the right. His friend Eugene Mchols (sp?) is on the left. 

I'll also include a copy of Grandma's letter as well as a link in case it's hard to read in this format. 

If this is too hard to read, try clicking here

I'm also going to include a few other pictures of Grandpa that were new to me and a few that aren't:

Leroy and Betty June

Young Grandpa with his Dad and their HUGE watermelons

Grandpa holding baby Diane

Oz, Bondell, Betty June and Leroy

Reine on Leroy's lap, Michelle on Reba's lap and Diane


Leroy Harrison Melson

Age 84, a resident of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, passed away Friday, June 18, 2021 in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. He was born April 13, 1937 in Oark, Arkansas, the son of O.Z. and Bondell (Bynum) Melson.

Leroy worked for the Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park for fourteen years.

He was preceded in death by his parents, one son Steven Melson and one sister Betty June Young.

Survivors include his wife of 65 years Rebecca Stepp Melson; three daughters Karen "Diane" Walls of Bismarck, Arkansas, Denise "Reine" Moore and her husband Steve of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, and Michelle Hyler also of Prairie Grove; six grandchildren Landon Patterson, Preston Patterson, Christy Hood, Becky Drake, Tyler Moore and Bradley Smith, thirteen great grandchildren and five great great grandchildren.

The family will receive friends Monday evening from 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Luginbuel Funeral Home.

Funeral service will be held 2:00 PM Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021, at Luginbuel Chapel in Prairie Grove, Arkansas. Burial will be Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 at 10:00 AM in Evans Cemetery in Pettigrew, Arkansas.

The family would like to express their appreciation to the staff of Circle of Life Hospice for the loving care given to Leroy.

Grandpa will be missed by many. He left a legacy of many people who will cherish him and remember him fondly. 

Until next time, 

The Unforgotten -- Benton Q. Williams

 A week or so ago, while digging in and searching for surnames belonging to my husband's ancestors in the Miami Record - Herald, I came across one that mentioned his 2nd great grandmother, Mrs. Eliza Sneary of Commerce. She was named as the next of kin and was to receive a memorial certificate in honor of a soldier who had died inWW1. 

Miami Record-Herald 20 Feb 1920

From Eliza's obituary, I knew that she had three sons that preceded her in death. They were listed by name as: Lorenzo Dow, William Sherman, and Ben Q.

The Houston Herald 8 March 1934
I have never found Lorenzo or William in the census records, but Ben Q. Had been in both the 1900 census as 'Binnie' and then 1910 as Benton. I went to Fold3 and began searching for military records. I came up empty on Lorenzo and William and even when I put in Benton. Then finally, I tried the name written in her obituary; Ben Q.  and found his burial card. It states that he was a private in Co F, 16th Infantry. His cause of death was K/A. His date of death was 4 Oct 1918. 

He was temporarily buried in plot 5 at Chatel-Chehery where he had fallen in battle. Coordinates were even given for his plot. 

 He was then disinterred and reburied 9 June 1919, in Grave #44, Sec. 26, Plot 3. at Argonne American Cemetery. 

The emergency address on file was for Lizza Sneary (Mother) at Western Grove, Arkansas. She was notified on 12 May 1919

 *Western Grove, AR was also given as their residence in Eliza's MIL's obituary*

Ben's grave marker was a cross. Another contact listed was his brother Martin in Commerce, Oklahoma. 

His body was once again disinterred 16 July 1921 and prepared for shipment. It arrived at the European port of Antwerp in Belgium. From there it was shipped on the Wheaton to Hoboken, NJ on 6 Aug 1921. It arrived two weeks later. From there it was shipped to Miami, Oklahoma on 28 Sept 1921. It arrived four days later 2 Oct 1921.

I was also able to find an article mentioning Benton's reburial at the G.A.R. Cemetery in Miami. 

Joplin Globe 4 Oct 1921

I searched the G.A.R cemetery on Find A Grave and was unable to find him listed so I created a memorial for him there, using a few of the images above. 

In all of my research, this is the first WW1 casualty of war I've found in my family as well as my husbands. I will say that one month after Ben's death, my great grandfather boarded the RMS Aquitania headed for France. How different things might have been, had he been called up just a month or two earlier. .

I hope in the years that follow that you'll remember Ben Q. Williams and the countless others who were lost to the Great War. Many of those young men and women were so young they were unmarried and without children of their own. It would be easy for them to be forgotten in just a generation or two. 

I also encourage you to click any of the links highlighted in this post, especially about the USAT Wheaton both here and above.

Until next time, 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The Unforgotten - Samuel M BELL

Yesterday I wrote about how in my years of researching, I occasionally come across relatives that have been forgotten. They stop showing up in records and more often than not, never marry or have children. In an effort to honor them I'm going to write a series of posts highlighting these various people connected to our ancestors so that they are not forgotten. 

Yesterday was my first post and it focused on one of the siblings belonging to my husbands 2nd grandmother, Joseph P BELL.

Today, I'm going to write about another one of her siblings that time forgot. He did have a wife and child but because of a census error or a lack of family record keeping his birthdate is way off from the last record he is in with his father. So, I'm not sure his ancestors will know where to find his parents and siblings. 

It all started with me looking deeper into the school census records for my husband's grandmother. 

Things to note are: the children's names, birth dates, the fact that Ralph Jr. is "hard of hearing" the date of the census is11 January 1933, and they lived at 407 North River Street

Since discovering a few good newspapers from Ottawa County, OK, I decided to search newspapers for their address. 

Here are a few articles I found:

In 1930 their home would've ran $10/month. It was a five room home. 

Miami Daily News, Friday, 3 Jan 1930

Ralph, Bessie and their children lived there in 1933 according to the school census, but in 1937, there seems to be a different family. One with a young daughter named Alta BELL, her father's name is Sam.

Now remember from yesterday's post that Bessie's mother's maiden name is BELL and she had a brother named Samuel, who according the 1900 census was born May 1891. 

Miami News Record 22 Dec 1937

Now, before I found the above article last week, I had found one more piece of information on Samuel way back 2017. I  had come across a snippet from The Mountain Echo in Yellville, where Sam BELL was witness to his brother-in-law's land claim, placing him in Bruno, Marion County, AR, in 1916

The Mountain Echo, Friday, 04 Feb 1916

Back to Sam BELL with the daughter Alta BELL. If I go to the census records for 1930, I find living in North Miami, a Sam BELL with wife Ella and daughter Alta. 

There's one catch, this Sam was born in 1883 not 1891 and that's a difference of at least 8 years. But census records have been wrong before. And drastically so, therefore that doesn't discount that this could be the same Sam. He is a shoveler for a lead and zinc mine and his wife is a laundress working from home. 

**BACKUP I just caught something!** 

Below is a screen shot of the 1900 census that says he was born in 1891. If you look a little closer it also says he is 18. Only one of those statements can be true. Because if he were born in 1891 he would have been 9. But if he were 18 his birth year would have been 1882 and viola we have a date that matches him in later records, like his WW1 draft record.

A little more research shows that Sam's wife was Sara Ella ADAMS and she was born in Bruno, Marion County, AR. Remember where I  had found Sam as a witness back in 1916? Sam and Ella married in 1917, in Ottawa County, OK.

Another piece of evidence I have is a WW1 draft registration for Sam. Like the 1900 census it gives his birth month as May, but unlike that census or the 1930 census, his birth year is now 1882. He's a miner for the Royal Mining Co.

But there's one more piece of evidence that leaves me feeling certain that this is indeed Samuel BELL son of Quincy A BELL. It's another little snippet from Miami Daily Record, dated 17 April 1921.

If you were following along in yesterday's post, I showed that Quincy had a daughter named Cordovia Jane and that she married a James W. ROSE. I'm not entirely sure what happened to Mr. ROSE but in 1906 she remarries a Mr. Floyd Edward Saunders. And in 1910 you can find them in Chillicothe, Missouri with some of Cordovia's children from her previous marriage. 

After putting this information into my tree, a few pictures from other contributors showed up. 

This brings us to the end of Samuel's life. I'm happy to know I can now complete his story in my family tree.

My next post will be about Sam and Joseph's nephew, a son of their sister, Eliza Emoline BELL WILLIAMS SNEARY.

Until then, 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Unforgotten - Joseph P BELL

 When you've been doing genealogy for any amount a time, you will occasionally come across people who time, it seems, has forgotten. They fall of the map after a census record places them with family, never to be seen or heard from again. Sometimes, if you're lucky, and/or diligent in your research you find evidence of them and it turns out they didn't marry or have children, so nobody came looking for them or proof of their existence. This post and maybe a few more that follow, will be my attempt at remembering the lost and forgotten members of our families. 

Subscriptions that aide in genealogy research can be pretty expensive. I've been able to justify that expense when I'm making loads of progress, but when I seem to have stalled out, I discontinued those services and when I felt the urge to research I used free services like Family Search. After going a few years without Ancestry, Fold3 and Newspapers accounts, I decided to re-subscribe to see if there were any new records. I found some, but quickly ended up where I had been before. Most of my tree filled out and no new records on the horizon. 

It's cheaper to pay by the year rather than the month so here I was with the majority of the year left on my subscription but nobody to research. In order to get the most of my money I started researching various unrelated branches of cousins, in-laws, half-siblings, step-parents etc... 

I also discovered upon my return to my Newspaper subscription that several new papers had been added. So whenever I found a paper that seemed to have a lot of "hits" regarding family names, I decided to dig in and dig deep. 

That's what has lead me to here. 

My husband descends from Quincy A. Bell. He is his 3rd great grandfather. Quincy is the father of at least 7 children. I have them as Mary A, Cordovia J, John L, Surrena, Eliza Emoline, Joseph P. and Samuel M. Three of these children, before last week, had just disappeared in my research.

According to Civil War records, Quincy was born March 1825 in McMinn County, Tennessee. The first census record that lists him by name places him in Dallas, Greene County, Missouri in 1850 with several other adult members with the same surname: BELL. Including a Sarah listed one household before him who is old enough to be his mother with a young female named Sirina [sic]. *Note that on the following page is also a Mary E. BELL age 4.

Then in the 1860 census he is found in Washington, Webster County, Missouri. But if you click on the image you will see that it's actually still Dallas Township. This family most likely did not move. In 1855 Webster County was created from part of Greene County.

Back to the census. Quincy this time is living with Sarah BELL who is 19 years his senior (again, most likely his mother) and other BELL siblings, a few names are the same as were found in the previous census. 

Then in 1865, when Quincy is 40,  you can find a marriage record to a Matilda A FRAZIER in Webster County, Missouri. Image below you can read Quincy A Bell and Tilda Frazier married in July 1865.

But, when you find Quincy five years later in the 1870 census, he is now living in Upton, Texas County, Missouri. He is 45, his assumed wife is Elizabeth not Matilda. She is 28. Then the following children are listed: Mary (9), Cordovia (4), John (2) and Sereny (1). The ages of the children, specifically Mary, quickly put a kink in things. She would have been born 4 years before his marriage to Matilda. And I've never found any other marriage record for Quincy and Elizabeth or any marriages to anyone else for that matter. 

As we move on, there's the Missouri State census of 1876. Quincy is still in Texas County, Township 31. Elizabeth is now Emaly E. and Mary A.  has a different last name. Is it Tiry (Tyree?) Did she marry? Is she a widow? *The name Tyree is important because one of Quincy's daughter's death certificates lists her mother's maiden name as Tyree* But other siblings' death certificates have listed Moody as well as Stevens.*

Next we have the 1880 census. They're still in Texas County, Missouri. Living in the town of Upton. Mary A. is now nowhere to be found. Quincy's wife, Elizabeth is now Emiline E. There's a new child, Joseph P. and a cousin James M. Sitton living with the family. 

It's taken all of this to get us to the subject or "missing/forgotten child" of this post. We're going to focus on Joseph P. BELL, who according to this 1880 census was born about 1879 in Missouri (most likely Texas County).

The 1890 census isn't around, therefore, we fast forward 20 long years. A lot can happen in two decades. In Dec 1883 Cordovia Jane BELL marries James W. Rose and before the next census they will have six children. John L BELL has married Mary "Emma" Owen in Feb 1889 they will have had three children by the next census. Surrena has married Benjamin Lee Fielden in 1883 and they have five children by 1900. And lastly we have my husband's ancestor, Eliza Emoline who has married Samuel Williams and they have at least six living children by 1900. 

In 1900 we find Quincy is widowed and living with him are his youngest two sons, Joseph P. who is listed as being 22 and Samuel, who is 18. He also has his married daughter Cordovia ROSE's family living with him. And his eldest son John is listed right above him. I want you to look closely at how all of the adults and most of the children are able to read and write... except for Joseph.

Before now, this was the last record I could find for Joseph. But now, because of a few newspaper articles, I think I have found him. And because he was recorded as unable to read or write, I have a theory. There is no definite record, that I have found for a death date for Quincy or for his wife Elizabeth for that matter. But we know, because he is listed as a widow, she died before 1900. This is also the last census record for Quincy and the article below from page 6 of The Houston Herald dated May 15 1902, makes be believe he died around this time.

This article from the same source dated 16 May 1907 gives us a better picture as to why Joe BELL was adjudged a county charge, keeping in mind that he was the only one of his siblings unable to read or write.

Then sadly, one year later, one more article that bring us to the end.

The Houston Herald, 16 July 1908

I don't have any definitive proof that this is indeed Joseph P. BELL, son of Quincy A. Bell but I feel pretty sure that it is. 

Find-A-Grave has no one with the last name BELL added to their database for the Ozark Cemetery in Houston, Texas County, Missouri. But I feel like it's a good place to look for further information. Using the articles above, I did go ahead and create a memorial for him.

My next post will be about Joseph's brother Samuel who also seemed to have disappeared after the 1900 census.

Until then, 

Friday, April 9, 2021

Genealogy -- What A Tangled Web You Weave

A series of obituaries has a branch of my tree turned all sorts of backwards and upside down.

This blog post will be my attempt at unravelling the information.

Edith HUBBARD DRAKE was the daughter of Alfred Allen HUBBARD and Laura BUTLER.

Laura BUTLER was the eldest daughter of Nancy CAUDILL and James BUTLER. 

Laura's headstone gives her birth date as 23 Jul 1877, but considering her parents weren't married until 26 August of that same year, I'm going to venture to say the year was most likely 1878. And one such newspaper clipping announcing her death, would agree with me. 

Springfield Leader and Press 31 Dec 1957

In 1880 we can find baby Laura (age given as 1) living in Taney County, Missouri, with her parents James P (age 26) and Nancy J (age 19). Laura is the only child at that time. Considering the fact that we rarely have an 1890 census and both Nancy and James (and all of their children) are obsolete by the 1900 census, finding Laura's siblings can be a bit tricky. But as you can see from the death announcement above, we know she at least has a sister, Mrs. Tellefer ROBERTS, from Springfield. 

Research reveals Mrs. ROBERTS to be Estella BUTLER, wife of Toliver Jefferson ROBERTS. Estella was born 11 March 1886 somewhere in Missouri. The two married in Christian County, MO in 1904

Searching the digital Missouri birth records prior to 1910 reveals that James and Nancy CAUDELL BUTLER had a son named Charles who was  born in Christian County, Missouri 3 Aug 1883

Researching Newspapers leads me to his obituary, that also references their sister, Mrs. TJ ROBERTS. His obituary also gives us two more siblings, Bessie STIPES and Henry, and they will open up a can of worms that really start to weave a tangled web.

Springfield Leader and Press 15 March 1965

I begin searching Newspapers for Mrs. Bessie STIPES and it leads me to two more obituaries, one for an Emma Belle HENDERSON and one for a James Henry HENDERSON. 

The Pryor Jeffersonian 13 June 1963
The Wheaton Journal 20 July 1967


Now is the time to get out your pencil and paper because it's gets confusing quickly. From the obituary of Emma HENDERSON we see that she as two daughters, Bessie STIPES and Roxie KIRBY and four sons, Harry, Bonnie, Andrew and Henry HENDERSON. And then two siblings, Charley BUTLER (from above) and Stella ROBERTS (also from above). 

Wait. So is Bessie STIPES the sister or niece of Charles BUTLER? Looking at census records I find a Bessie and William Avery STIPES living in various places in the area: 1910 McDonald County, MO, 1920 Delaware County, OK, 1930 & 1940 Mayes County, OK and in all of these records her birth is given as 1890 in Arkansas. How could Emma HENDERSON be her mother. That would make her only 10 at the time of Bessie's birth. Bessie is also missing from the 1900 census.

The newspaper clipping below shows that Bessie's maiden name was definitely HENDERSON.

Pineville Herald 3 March 1905

So then, let's look at the obituary of James Henry HENDERSON. His siblings are listed as brothers: Harry, Andrew and Bonnie, and sisters: Roxie KIRBY, Bessie STIPES, and Stella ROBERTS 

James Henry HENDERSON is also missing from the 1900 census but we can find him in 1910 at age 15 living in McDonald County, MO, with a Roe HENDERSON family. His relationship is given as "son". Other family members are Emma (age 31) (wife) Harry (age 10) (son) Roxie (age 7) (daughter) and Bonnie (age 4) (son). This is Roe's second marriage. Emma's first. They have been married 13 years giving an approximate marriage date of 1897. Emma is most likely not James Henry's mother as he is 15. And definitely not Bessie's mother either as she would be 20.

So that means in order for Henry to be Charley BUTLER's brother and for Bessie to be his sister, they most likely share a mother, Nancy J Caudell and I suspect that Bessie is Henry's only full sibling. 

Nancy most likely died not long after the birth of James Henry, and her unmarried daughter, Emma, married the widowed step-father, becoming the mother of his four other children and helping to raise her two youngest half-siblings. 

Another sibling's obituary I found searching names already found in this family, belongs to that of a Mrs. Cora BARNES who died in November of 1957. It would appear she only listed her full siblings. 

The Springfield News Leader 02 Nov 1957

What I have found for the children of Emma BUTLER HENDERSON and Roan Mcgee (Mack) HENDERSON are as follows:

  1. Harry Arthur HENDERSON b. 8 Sept 1899 Jasper, Missouri, m. 27 April 1925 in Delaware County, OK, to Bertha BALLOU d. 6 Jan 1974, Mayes County, OK (gender on DC is mistaken as female on the OK2Explore site)
  2. Roxie Viola HENDERSON KIRBY b.24 Nov 1902, Wagoner, OK, m. 24 Aug 1919 in McDonald County, MO, to Rollie S. KIRBY d. 23 April 1996, Delaware County, OK. 
  3. Bonnie Zeno HENDERSON B. 2 April 1906, Barry County, Missouri, m. 28 Feb 1943, Delaware County, OK to Thelma Jenkins d. 15 May 2003 Mayes County, OK
  4. Andrew Virgil HENDERSON b. 16 March 1911, McDonald County, MO m. 12 May 1935, Delaware County, OK to Clara Atkins d. 30 January 1993 -- The Andrew V Henderson on the OK2Explore site gives a death date of 30 April 1993 in Rogers County, OK

So to recap: It is my belief that James BUTLER and Nancy CAUDELL (m. 26 Aug 1877, Christian County, MO) were the parents of :
  1. Laura Adeline BUTLER b 23 July 1878, Christian County, Missouri, m. 20 Sept 1900, Webster County, MO to Alfred Allen HUBBARD d. 29 Dec 1957, Delaware County, OK
  2. Emma Belle BUTLER b. 28 Feb 1880, Christian County, Missouri, m. 1896/7 Arkansas to Roan McGee "Mack" HENDERSON d. 2 June 1963, Mayes County, Oklahoma
  3. Charles BUTLER b. 3 Aug 1883, Christian County, Missouri m.? d. 13 March 1965, Benton County, AR
  4. Cora BUTLER BARNES b. 21 Jan 1884, Douglas County, Missouri m. 29 March 1903 in Taney County, MO to Marion Foster BARNES d. 01 Nov 1957, Webster County, MO
  5. Estella BUTLER ROBERTS b. 11 March 1886 in Missouri, m. 20 March 1904 in Christian County, MO, to Toliver Jefferson ROBERTS d. 14 Sept 1971, Missouri
Nancy CAUDELL BUTLER and Roan Mcgee (Mack) HENDERSON were the parents of:
  1. Bessie HENDERSON STIPES b 02 January 1890 in Arkansas m. 26 Feb 1905, in McDonald County, Missouri, to William Avery STIPES d. 27 August 1977 in Mayes County, OK
  2. James Henry HENDERSON b. 28 April 1895 Searcy, AR m. 06 June 1916 in Barry County, Missouri d. 16 July 1967, Newton, Missouri
And as stated above the children of Emma BUTLER HENDERSON and Roan Mcgee (Mack) HENDERSON are:

  1. Harry Arthur HENDERSON b. 8 Sept 1899 Jasper, Missouri, m. 27 April 1925 in Delaware County, OK, to Bertha BALLOU d. 6 Jan 1974, Mayes County, OK (gender on DC is mistaken as female on the OK2Explore site)
  2. Roxie Viola HENDERSON KIRBY b.24 Nov 1902, Wagoner, OK, m. 24 Aug 1919 in McDonald County, MO, to Rollie S. KIRBY d. 23 April 1996, Delaware County, OK. 
  3. Bonnie Zeno HENDERSON B. 2 April 1906, Barry County, Missouri, m. 28 Feb 1943, Delaware County, OK to Thelma Jenkins d. 15 May 2003 Mayes County, OK
  4. Andrew Virgil HENDERSON b. 16 March 1911, McDonald County, MO m. 12 May 1935, Delaware County, OK to Clara Atkins d. 30 January 1993 -- The Andrew V Henderson on the OK2Explore site gives a death date of 30 April 1993 in Rogers County, OK

I don't have any death records for James or Nancy CAUDELL BUTLER but these new discoveries give me some dates and places to start looking. I believe James died sometime around 1889/90  before Nancy's daughter Bessie was born and Nancy sometime around 1895/96/97 probably around Searcy, Arkansas when her son James Henry HENDERSON was born. What I don't know is if the Searcy given as his birth place is Searcy County, Arkansas or Searcy, White County, Arkansas.

I think this could be the grave site of Nancy

Until next time, 

PS. I'll leave you with a few more miscellaneous articles with various family members.

The Delaware County Journal 3 Feb 1955


The Delaware County Journal 06 Oct 1955

The Pryor Jeffersonian 9 Jan 1958

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Tarripin "Tuxie" HOLT - Trail of Tears Ancestor

 Today's prompt once again comes from Amy Johnson Crow and her #52Ancestors challenge for the year 2021. For the week of March 1-7 the prompt is: Multiples

I'm still working on filling out the Native American branches of my half siblings tree. I last blogged about their line a few weeks ago making it back to their 2nd great grandfather Mose HOLT.

This time I'm going to use the applications of multiple people to piece together more branches in this line. 

The first thing to notice is the cover image for each of the HOLT sisters applications. Information given on these pages is:

Application number

Below I will post images of each of the sisters' cover images. These applications can be found on Fold3

The HOLT sisters' applications all contain the same information and even appear to have been filled out by the same person. They're almost exact duplicates in certain sections. If you notice on their cover pages, they also all mention being a 1st cousin of applicant # 10278 which belongs to Minerva WOOLEY.

Now, this has the potential to get confusing so try to keep up 😏 (wink-y face).  On page two of Minerva's application file it mentions the following application numbers as "grouped herewith" 

These applications belong to:

William HOLT (10280) - Brother of Minerva WOOLEY
Frances HOLT (12905) - Half sibling of Sarah, Lizzie, Nancy, and Jennie HOLT
Minerva WOOLLY (16787) duplicate file (different spelling) of the above Minerva WOOLEY #10278
Mary E. HOLT (12904) appears to be a grouped application of siblings Mary, Theodora, & Jacob HOLT - nieces and nephew of Minerva WOOLEY
Mary KING (18060) duplicate (10279) sister of Minerva WOOLEY 

From the above applications, I know that William HOLT, Minerva WOOLEY and Mary KING are siblings and 1st cousins of my siblings' ancestor Sarah HOLT SMITH. Therefore they will share grandparents. 

William, Minerva and Mary all list their parents as William HOLT and Nelly FOOL with the exception of Mary who says Nelly was her step-mother and she doesn't know her mother's name. So we know their father William HOLT was the brother of  Sarah HOLT SMITH's father Mose HOLT. 

The "grouped" application (#12904) of Mary, Theodora & Jaccob - nieces and nephew of Minerva WOOLEY, state their father's name was Daniel HOLT. So now we have siblings William, Mose and Daniel HOLT. 

Then we get to the application of Frances HOLT and things get a little tricky -- and maybe tie into the prompt of  multiple  in a different way and it's something I picked up on briefly while researching this line last time. 

Frances says her parents are: Mose HOLT and Annie MOLE. And gives the death date for Mose as 1895. Frances was born about a year after my siblings' ancestor Sarah HOLT SMITH. 

Did Mose divorce Sarah's mother Polly and marry Annie. Did the Cherokee have divorces? Or does their culture allow for multiple partners without official separation? 

I have a couple different census records for Mose with each of these family units so they obviously didn't cohabitate in the same household with multiple spouses.

In 1886 Mose and Polly are found with their two children born at that time, Lizzie (Eliza) and Jennie in Sequoyah District.

But in 1893 in Sequoyah District Mose is with Annie and Francis and two other children, most likely Annie's with a previous spouse. 

And in that same census year (1893) Polly is alone with the following children: Lizzie, Jennie, Nancy & Sarah

Later on in Frances HOLT's application she gives the names of her siblings as: Sarah HOLT, Jennie HOLT and Lizzie HOLT, so obviously the Mose HOLT listed is the same and these are her half siblings. Not sure why Nancy was left out.

So going through the information given in all these applications I know that Mose had the following brothers: William (married to Nelly FOOL) and Daniel (married to Sarah YOUNGBLOOD) as well as two sisters Lizzie (not married no children) and Sarah (Dawes #8303 who marries a WOLFE and possibly a GUINEAHEAD)

According to the application of William HOLT (10280) his father's parents were: "Duxie" Holt -- Also given as "Tuxie" Holt -- also given at times as William HOLT and Sarah HOLT. 

In the application of William Holt's sister, Minerva, we find a translated typed letter on behalf of her mother Nelly FOOL HOLT that again gives her husband William HOLT's father as "Tuxie" HOLT and even gives us the maiden name of his mother Sarah as FIVEKILLER as well as a lot of other information so I'm including an image of the letter:

I will also include a page from William and Minerva's older half-sister Mary that gives the same information:

This has been a lot to take in. But it has let me add a few more names to my tree and now I can research these names more in depth. 

As a recap: 

Mose HOLT was the son of "Tuxie" HOLT and Sarah FIVEKILLER

Tuxie HOLT was the son of William HOLT and Jennie LNU (Last name unknown) at this time.

The 1851 Drennen Rolls shows the family of "Tuxie" as entry 548 -- Notice here his name is Tarripin HOLT.

I'm going to end this right here for now. I hope you've been able to follow along as I use the Eastern Cherokee applications of  multiple HOLT descendants to piece together a few more generations. 

Until next time, 

P.S. If anyone can translate the last name "Lah-Wah-Nah" for me, that's the only maiden name given for Mose's wife Polly. I would be very grateful. 

P.S.S. One more thing I forgot to mention. In the applications of Minerva and William - they list the birthplace of their father William Holt (born abt 1849) as "Skinbayou, IT". According to AccessGenealogy The name was changed from Skin Bayou District to Sequoyah District by an act of National Council on November 4, 1851. See page 227, Cherokee Laws of 1852.

P.S.S.S A little more research lead me to the application #281 belonging to Josephine BOYNTON, the daughter of Polly FIVEKILLER. In her application she says her mother's father lived on Johns Creek in Georgia in 1835. Which is probably where our Sarah FIVEKILLER HOLT was born.